Dr. Andrea Dinardo, Windsor
“LDAWE staff and volunteers are passionate about learning disabilities and it shows in everything they do. As a licensed psychologist, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with LDAWE in various roles including: workshop facilitation (PACE:LD), new program development (Job Fit online), and psychological assessment. In each of these roles, I've been inspired by the high level of care, expertise, and compassion shown by LDAWE for each client. Working with LDAWE has been one of the best working experiences I've had in my work as a psychologist. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Kenny Hedgewick, Windsor
“I never really thought I’d be able to find or keep a job, but because of this place [LDAWE] I’ve been working at Monarch Basics for 3 years now.  I was even considered for a promotion, which was something I didn’t think would ever happen.”

Georgette, Amherstburg
“My son, Aiden, was on the discussion panel at the Jamie Redford documentary viewing.  This opportunity gave him confidence.  He could see in the film that a lot of successful people have learning disabilities.  By attending LDAWE’s programs, he gets an opportunity to relate and interact with other children with learning disabilities.”

N. Simonitto, LaSalle
“The biggest thing I’m going to take away from volunteering [at LDAWE’s Summer Enrichment Camp] is that I always felt that my learning disability was the worst and that the world couldn’t get any worse.  I learned that other people struggle that have learning disabilities similar or different to me.  I was one of the lucky ones, to have loving support from teachers, parents, and friends and I hope these kids overcome adversity the way I did.” 

Shelley, Windsor
“LDAWE helped me access supports through the learning support office at St. Clair College.  Without that support I may have not completed my course or it would have been much more difficult.”

Tina S, Windsor
"This summer we enrolled our 9 year old son in the Summer Enrichment camp. I made the decision without his knowledge and wondered how he would feel about it. Luckily the sign on the door said "Computer Enrichment Camp" so he was quite happy about it. Day after day I would pick him up and he would regale me with details of his day. At one point he told me something about Math and he actually said "did you know Math can be fun?".  This from a boy that tries hard at school but struggles in every subject except Gym class.  Thank you, Learning Disability Association Windsor Essex."